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Bus-stop name changes

posted: 6-August-2013

We are changing the names of several bus stops to bring them closer into line with how they are named on Traveline and other travel databases.  The internal workings of Oxontime uses numeric codes rather than names and as these are not changing it should not affect the working of Oxontime pages per se.  It is possible, however, that individual 'favourites' or 'bookmarks' in your own system might need reviewing.  If you have problems finding or linking to bus stops please report this to contact@oxontime.com



Stagecoach X5 service to Milton Keynes & Cambridge

posted: 19-March-2013, revised: 17-May-2013

We are now able to bring the Stagecoach X5 Cambridge-Oxford coach service to Oxontime. The X5 is a popular service for travellers to and from Bicester, especially to the Bicester Village outlet centre, and for travel to Milton Keynes and Cambridge. The data is streamed from the Cambridgeshire RTI system into Oxontime where it appears in all our services - Oxontime website, SMS service, Oxontime smartphone 'apps' and not forgetting our on-street displays. As with any 'linked' service like this there can be issues with optimising the communications systems and this can occasionally lead to a loss of service - please email contact@oxontime.com if you want to report any problems.