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The Plain roundabout (Oxford)

updated 21st January 2015

Works to make the roundabout at The Plain more cycle-friendly are underway. From 19th Jan to approx. 1st February there will be no direct turn from The Plain into St Clements Street.  London-bound (Oxford TUBE and X90) and airport bound coaches (LGW and LHR) will not be able to negotiate the turn on the set diversionary route (from Jeune St into St Clements) so they will instead run from Gloucester Green via Banbury Road, Marston Ferry Rd and Marston Road to intercept thair normal routes at Headington Hill. They will therefore NOT SERVE stops on Speedwell Street, the High Street and St Clements.  They will instead serve the South Park bus stop at the foot of Headington Rd (near Marston Rd) and then Brookes University as normal.  The accuracy of Oxontime predictions while they are on this diversionalry route may be poorer than expected.


Local buses are using a temporary stop on St Clements St near Bath Street