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Oxford Tube

updated: 7th July 2014

Stagecoach are introducing new coaches on the Oxford Tube service that serves Oxford & London. Starting w/b 7th July the RTI equipment on board the current coaches will be removed for refurbishment before being used to equip the new vehicles. During this transition phase there will be fewer predicitons for the Oxford Tube than normal - please be assured that all Oxford Tube journeys are expected to operate as per the timetables whether they are showing on Oxontime or not.


Magdalen Street East, Oxford

updated: 2nd July 2014

Magdalen Street East has re-opened to buses. Buses have returned to their normal routes and in particular are no longer using Braod Street.


Kennington & Hinksey Hill Roundabouts

updated 4th July 2014

Works to re-develop these roundabouts and the Oxford southern bypass began in June 2014. Initial phases might not result in excessive disruption but later stages almost certaily will. The works are expected to extend until late November.